Homemade Bath Bombs



From dreamalittlebigger.com

I love taking baths. Wait… that doesn’t seem like nearly enough emphasis… I LOVE TAKING BATHS. I don’t know what it is but taking a good book (and though I am Kindle obsessed I have just a few paperbacks I’ve kept just for a good soak) and just sitting in  hot water for half an hour makes all the difference to my state of mind in the world.

I’ll take a bath with just a bit of epsom salts but I prefer taking baths in something that smells good. It makes me feel uber feminine and pretty all at the same time!

My fave bath bombs come from Lush but they tend to run a bit high so they’re more of a special occasions treat. Plus the nearest Lush to me is kind of a trek and a visit into a mall which *eek* I hardly ever go into these days. I mean, they’re so crowded! (more)