Paleo Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Sandwich

These are so good aaaaand…..unbelievably……Paleo!

BIG EATS tiny kitchen

I grew up in the smack dab middle of Oklahoma. And Oklahoma summers are HOT. And Windy. And LONG. We often experienced over a month or two straight of days exceeding 100 degrees!  The only cure for those days is a body of water, air conditioning, and ICE CREAM.  Or just ice. Lots of ice ice baby.



Unfortunately I did not grow up around any body of water nor a creek (pronounced crick). Instead of lakes or ‘cricks’ or rivers….I grew up running in and out of a water sprinkler attached to our water hose in our front yard. I would jump over and over and over the stream as it sprayed into my face.  The only thing that would make me stop the water dance was when the homemade ice cream machine would finally stop churning. I would inhale fresh ice cream with it dripping all over my face…

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