7 Brilliant DIY Scents that Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing


I honestly don’t care if it’s the holidays or not, I just want my home to smell amazing. But I’m not always a big fan of scented candles; yes they’re nice, but if there’s a super cool and easy way I can make my rooms smell like Christmas or some fancy spa, I’m all for it. And that’s why I found some awesome smell hacks that will make your home smell great. All of them are either from amazing DIY bloggers or from lists of scent tips and tricks.

I like sharing links with my readers from other blogger’s awesome lists because it gives them the option to see even more great tips and hacks, not just the ones I’ve picked. So check out what I’ve found, and feel free to check out the other scent tips in the links at the end. And don’t forget to tell me what you liked the best or if you have any of your own!

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