love vases by flowerpower vase
Hi, I’m Sharon Lesk, and I am one of the founders of the FlowerPower Vase.  I am often asked how the idea of the FlowerPower Vase came to be, so I thought I would share my story.Several years ago my mother became very ill.  Over the course of many weeks, she was moved back and forth between hospitals and after-care centers in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I grew up.  My brothers would send wonderful flower arrangements as she was moved from various hospitals and after-care centers.  My mom loved flowers, and she was thrilled to receive them.  Each time she was discharged, my mother insisted on taking the flower arrangements with her.  I used my purse, various bags and other belongings to try to secure the flower arrangements on the floor of the car.  But inevitably, the flower arrangements would fall over, and the floor mats would get soaked.  Flower arrangements on wet floor mats went with us everywhere.  But since it made my mother happy, I was happy to do it for her.

Towards the end of her illness, I happened to see a woman driving her car with brightly colored daisies somehow placed next to her in the car, and I said to myself, “What about a car vase?”.  Ironically, it was in that moment in time that the idea was born.  Katherine Keck, my friend and co- founder, named the company FlowerPower, and we created the FlowerPower Vase designed to fit in a car’s drink holder.

Over the years, our vases have come to be used in more ways than we ever imagined.  And thanks to the wonderful support and love we have received from our friends, family and customers, we can continue to share these wonderful ideas with you.

Visit Us At www.flowerpowervase.com


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